Floor Stand Displays

Floor stand displays that demand attention

Core Display Group specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom floor displays for retail environments. We design point of sale (POS) floor stand displays that market our client’s products or services through eye-catching graphics and structural creativity. With eye-level height, custom floor displays are an effective way to draw your customers’ attention and encourage sales. Whether you envision a display that demonstrates your product’s features on header cards, distributes samples, and/or displays merchandise for customers to grab-and-go, Core Display Group will produce a fixture that does it all and cannot be missed. 

Contact us to discuss your custom floor stand display project by calling 845-876-5109 [OPTION 3] or email Info@CoreGroupDisplays.com. Our project managers, designers, and manufacturers are standing by, armed with the years of experience needed to help your company enter into the marketplace successfully.

BMW VPP and POS Displays

  • Glass panel display system
  • VPP integrates with software to allow customer to virtual build and view their new car
  • POS presents remotely updated media content
  • Aluminum vertical edge channels hide all cabling

BMW Individual Leather Display

  • Laminated glass and opaque panel display system
  • Locking hanger bar interfaces with grommets on leather samples for easy installation and future upgrades
example of BMW Individual Leather Display

FUJIFILM Instax Cruise Ship Display

  • Wood and metal construction
  • Slatwall front and back with custom crossbar merchandising on each end
  • Casters allow easy mobility for optimum product placement
example of FUJIFILM Instax Cruise Ship Display

Kroger Wine Rack

  • Wood and metal construction
  • Graphic holders and product areas designed to accommodate constantly changing product assortment
  • Casters allow easy mobility for optimum product placement
example of Kroger Wine Rack

Ontility Solar Panel Display

  • Display components clamped directly to solar panel, reducing display and shipping costs and allowing multiple solar panel size and brand display options
  • Wire brochure holders
example of Ontility Solar Panel Display

Profoto Lighting Display

  • Universal mounting ring accommodates displaying a wide range of light shaping accessories
  • Lift off mounts for interaction with lights
  • Angled top cut-out for displaying power supply
  • Central display of remote control
example of Profoto Lighting Display

BMW Certified Preowned Kiosk

  • Powder-coated steel frame and base
  • Removable graphic panels for future updates
example of BMW Certified Preowned Kiosk