EV Charger Cable Management

Cord Retractor Features

  • Provide Better Charge Cable Protection for Longer Use Life
  • Keeps Cable Off the Ground and Prevents Damage from Accidental Tire Rollovers or Buried Under Ice and Snow
  • Easy Assembly and Installation (About 30-45 Minute Install Time)
  • Presents a Tidier More Finished Appearance

EVgo Fast Charger before CoreGroup EV cable management.
EVgo Fast Charger after CoreGroup's EV cable management.
















Cord Retractor Options

  • Proven Performance in Real World Applications
  • Available in Retractor Only, Retractor with Mounting Brackets, and Full Pedestal Assemblies
  • Retro Fit Kits for Field Upgrades Available
  • We Offer Full Design, Customization and Manufacturing Services


Spring Motor Retractor
*Bracket not included.

Spring Motor Retractor

Suggested for Level II or III
  • Measures 8” x 16” x 4” Weight = 10 – 15 lbs
  • Constant Pull Spring Motor for Heavier DC Cable Applications
  • Steady 20 – 22lb Retraction Pull Out to 10-12 Feet
  • Cycle Life of 8,000 Cycles
  • Stainless Steel Spring

Ratchet Spring Motor Retractor Coming Soon!



Watch Our Ratchet Retractor in Action


Ratchet Retractor
*Bracket not included.

Ratchet Retractor

Suggested for Level II Only
  • Measures 6.22” x 3.34” x 4.25”, Weight = 4 lbs
  • Ratchet Feature Allows Stopping of Retractor at Various Positions
  • Multiple Ratchet Locking Positions are Available During Pull Out and Retraction
  • Max Cable Length 118”
  • Hex Shaft – CAD or Zinc Plated Steel
  • Spring- Carbon Steel
  • Arbor – Aluminum 6063 T5
  • Cup and Cover – Die Cast Zinc Base SAE 903.
  • Cycle Life of 5,000 Cycles

Watch Our Ratchet Retractor in Action


Standard RetractorStandard Retractor

Suggested for Longer Cable Applications Over 6ft and Level II







Inquire for custom mounting and enclosure solutions.