FUJIFILM Push-Pin Case Study

FUJIFILM’s Push-Pin Display Program presented a rare and challenging opportunity to completely redesign Walmart’s Digital Photo Center in all of it’s 3,700 nationwide store locations. An excellent example of effective retail displays design and execution.

The program first started as a design competition with the development of a new Digital Photo Kiosk intended to attract consumers and offer them an efficient, reliable, solid piece of equipment with a robust, user-friendly interface. Achieving success with the Digital Photo Kiosk, CoreGroup was awarded the entire FUJIFILM Push-Pin Display Program which included the design, engineering and manufacturing of:

VNX Touchscreen Kiosk

Objectives & Challenges

  • Create a customer friendly, interactive in-store touchscreen display to attract and engage photo customers.
  • Develop a cost-effective proof-of-concept prototype during test phase prior to investing in injection molded tooling.


Adjustable touchscreen interface kiosk including:

  • Molded drawer front can be customized to retailer color preference
  • Components include optical drive, media reader and receipt printer
  • Easy access to self-contained CPU for repair or upgrade


  • In-store sales numbers increased 40% during test period
  • Pushed competition out of the space and rolled out 3,700 stores in an 8 month time frame due to our ability to produce up to 200 units per day to a total of 18,722 units.
  • Success of the kiosk lead to the development of a number of support products eventually growing the program into a comprehensive launch exemplified by the opening of FUJIFILM’s first ever “Wonder Photo Store”

P1 and P2 Printer Cabinet

Objectives & Challenges

  • Create a printer cabinet that can be easily upgraded to hold two printers and dispense 4″x6″, 5″x7″, 8″x10″ and panoramic photos on demand.
  • Cabinet must allow for optional computer and scanner drawer and come prewired for quick installation.


Versatile printer cabinet that compliments the VNX Kiosk including:

  • Roll-out trays simplify printer installation and service
  • Shared components increase flexibility and efficiency
  • Clear photo catching bins accommodate all print sizes
  • P2 printer cabinet can accommodate print server


  • In-store sales numbers increased 40% during test period with the introduction of the VNX Kiosk and printer cabinets
  • Reduced footprint from competitors unit created additional space for merchandising
  • Prewired cabinets save on installation time

P4 Printer Workstation

Objectives & Challenges

Create a printer cabinet that connects four prewired printers and can hold an extra full size computer, adjustable
monitor stand and a unique reflection system that visually tells the operator if the printer has jammed or run out of paper.


Versatile four printer workstation including:

  • Roll-out trays in each position simplify printer installation and service
  • Shared components with PI – P2 cabinet increase flexibility and efficiency
  • Clear photo catching bins accommodate 3″x 5″ to 8″x 40″ panoramic print sizes
  • Door viewing windows for monitoring printer status lights


  • Locations with less volume save on equipment costs by utilizing four smaller inexpensive printers -vs- one larger more expensive DL600 printer
  • Fitted with durable locking castors, the printer cabinet can be easily moved for in-store demonstrations and cleaning
  • Can be left unattended for printing website photo orders

All-In-One Workstation and DL600 Stand

Objectives & Challenges

  • AIO — Create an All-In-One stand that enables the user to have at their reach a duplexer or CD printer as well as touch screen monitor, servers, keyboard, switches, label printer and other ancillary equipment in a small work efficient space.
  • DL600 — Create a heavy-duty stand that holds an expensive printer with a sorting station. The stand must be perfectly level to run efficiently, movable for regular service and equipped with space to hold unused paper in airtight containers.


AIO — Small footprint user friendly stand including:

  • Roll-out trays maximize operation efficiency
  • Several easy to access consumable storage locations
  • Special brackets for installation of switches and routers

DL600 — Heavy-duty space-efficient stand including:

  • Metal tube construction for strength and durability
  • Easy to move for service and cleaning


OSHA-compliant workspace helped reduced operator hourly rate

DX100 Wood Cabinet Retro-Fit Kit

Objectives & Challenges

  • Retro-fit three different existing wood cabinets with a roll-out tray to hold a 65 lb. inkjet printer.
  • Identify the manufacturer of the cabinets (as they all look alike) and create special markings for each so that the correct parts are used during installation.


Retro-fit roll-out printer tray including:

  • Automatic folding arm under roll-out tray allows for a anti-tip cabinet
  • Special transition brackets with new doors that can only fit one way making them impossible to install incorrectly
  • Comprehensive instruction sheet for easy installation


  • Saved the client since the cost of 2,500 new cabinets would have been substantial
  • Repurposing internal components for future cabinet updates increase further cost savings over time
  • Reusing existing shelf holes in cabinet to install retro-fit kit add to cost savings and reduce installation time

Project Summary

Producing more than 52,735 display products, the success of the program also led to the inclusion of Sam’s Club as well as several independent dealers across the country and Canada. The shopper experience was further enhanced later with a family of seasonally updatable display vehicles showcasing a vast list of companion products and services. As a result, CoreGroup designed and produced a number of floorstands, counter displays and graphic kits making CoreGroup one of the largest contributors of FUJIFILM’s display program initiative.

Final Production

more than 52,735 display products produced

VNX Touchscreen Kiosk 18,722
P1- P2 and P4 Printer Cabinets 3,189
All-In-One Workstation and DL600 Stand 4,083
DX100 Wood Cabinet Retro-Fit Kit 2,550
VNX Mounting Bracket 19,500
HP Repurposed Pedestal Bracket Kit 3,200
HP Retro-Fit Tray System 575
6270 Phaser Cabinet 916